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Are you looking for a property in Charlotte and/or surrounded areas? Take your time familiarizing yourself with the Charlotte Real Estate Market been in touch with our professional team in order to answer all your questions.

Buying a Home, even is your 1st or your 21st  is a very detailed and complex transaction that entails many steps from determining what you need to have and/or want to have in your next home, to write an Offer to Purchase, to make sure that everything falls into place as it should and the deal concludes with a successful closing.

We also suggest you make these couple questions before getting into an agreement with your Realtor to determine the best one for you:

•How many years have you been as Realtor working with buyers in the Charlotte Area?

•Are you a full-time agent?

•Other than selling properties and attending the state mandatory classes, what are you currently doing to further your knowledge of the Real Estate industry?

•What makes you different from approximately 8,000 other Realtors in the area?  

•What do you do as a business professional to give back to the community?


After getting all these answers, we understand why you will let us

IRMA FROCKT NC/SC REALTORS represent you in your home purchase!!

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