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Selling your home is a very personal process and only experienced professionals such as IRMA FROCKT NC/SC REALTORS can help you make the entire procedure totally stress free, giving you much, needed peace of mind.

We'll handle interested agents, internet marketing, CONTRACT and all details involved in the process selling your Home. Before you decide, take a minute to investigate our helpful information on The Home Selling Process.

We understand you will want to hire IRMA FROCKT NC/SC REALTORS to sell your home because you know now that we have the experience(We have seen a lot) and knowledge(more than 14 years selling Real Estate) that will allow you to trust and relax while your home is SOLD as quickly as possible.

We can do a fabulous job when we understand your expectations in the home selling process, With our highly specialized and personalized marketing plan, your home will receive a huge amount of exposure to potential home buyers so these are the first simple and basic tips that we recommend  you to follow while your home is active on the market:

 •The house must be kept in the best condition possible.

 •The house must be prepared for showings ahead of time.

 •The house preferably must be without owners while showing time. 


 Use these tips to help your home sell faster and better.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you better!!
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